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Dragon Mania Legends Hack

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Dragon Mania Legends Hack - Useful Cheats and Tips for Success

Dragon Mania Legends is the second dragon based game introduced by Gameloft. However, many games being only released for iOS and Android platforms, Dragon Mania Legends is the first to be released for Windows.

For anyone who has ever played titles like Pokémon, it is easy to understand the concept behind this game. The basic idea is to start with one dragon and then excel by breeding more and developing your dragon island.

Tips for getting the best out of the Game

Spend in developing the Dragon Island

Think of starting the game as if you are adopting a pet in real life. take care of your first dragon as if you are petting an animal at home. to get your dragon into more powerful forms, you need to feed it. Therefore, you need to invest your game resources in developing your food farm in the initial stages. You will get more different types of dragon food if you keep your farm sufficiently upgraded.

It is just not Combat

Don’t play Dragon Mania Legends as if you are in the middle of a combat game. Each dragon has different attack types and they affect the enemies in different ways. Find out how different dragons attack. According to Gameloft, you can collect hundreds of attacks of different dragons. The battles are supposed to get more complicated as you enter the higher levels. Therefore, learning about different attack combinations will help you.

Consistently Pet the Dragons

Your dragons are going to require more food as you level up in the game. The higher the level, the higher will be the amount of coin shedding. So don’t just waste time in training and battling your dragons. Keep consistency in regard to feeding and petting them as you excel to higher levels of the game. More food will also reveal stronger forms of the dragons.

Don’t Play Blindly

It is important that you pay attention during dragon battles. Aim your dragon's attack at the right place at the right moment. You will waste your dragon’s coin and energy if you attack randomly. Take note of how your attacks affect other dragons. Learn from your notes so that each level could be played effectively.

Keep the Game Running

In order to earn coins without actually playing with hard efforts in the game, it is recommended to keep it running in the background. You will be notified by your phone when you have earned the maximum amount of coins. It is important to have coins because the dragons use the gold you earn.

In other tips, keep yourself updated about other aspects of the game as well. complete the tasks given by the game to earn rewards. Keep a lookout for extras and new additions. Sometimes you might find yourself in a desperate need for coins. You can earn rewards in times of emergency through something as simple as logging into Facebook.

Incase you want to learn more usefull tips and tricks. We have blogged about some great tips and tricks here: Dragon Mania Guide

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