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Dragon Mania Legends - The Basics

Everyday there are new games being released. Whether they are successful and they end up being what everyone talks about, or if they terribly fail and nobody finds out about them, they are still there. Dragon Mania Legends is one of those mobile apps that as soon as the world found out about it, it exploded. The problem that a lot of mobile apps run into is the fact that they turn out to be very similar to other apps, and this stops them in their tracks straight away. Due to the uniqueness of this game, it never ran into that problem.

What is Dragon Mania Legends?

Dragon Mania Legends was originally released in 2015 for both iOS mobiles and Android. Soon after the release, it also became available to those with Windows phones, making it available to almost everyone! Upon playing the game, you start with a single dragon. As you go through the game, you are able to recruit more dragons through building habitats and furthermore, you are able to upgrade them by taking care of them and feeding them.

The Gameplay

As mentioned above, you start off with a single dragon. With that dragon, you must build a natural habitat that will soon be your home, and prepare your dragons to fight others across “Dragonlandia”. Some fights result in a win, while others result in a loss. To ensure that you win all of your fights, it’s important to keep your dragon stop by training it regularly and properly, and feeding it too. After producing a group of healthy dragons, you must breed in order to create more dragons and continue to grow one of the strongest army’s around. You are also able to look around and discover other types of dragons in order to make your army of dragons as powerful as possible.

After training and breeding your army, you must fight others. If you win, you will receive prizes which you will be able to take advantage of in future fights. You are also able to give and receive gifts from your friends!

What are Levels and Nutrition?

As with most games, there is a levelling system in place. Dragon Mania Legends allows for you to reach a maximum level of 70, and with every level you unlock more battles and are able to improve your dragons even further than before. In order to make your dragons stronger and healthier, you must use both food and gold in order to take advantage of farms.

Natural Habits

In order for you to ensure that your army of dragons are indestructible and will dominate, it’s important that you create the right habitat for them to live in so that they are in the best environment for their species. The most common habits are:

- Energy
- Fire
- Wind
- Metal
- Plant
- Earth
- Water
Already got the app on your phone and wondering why your dragons aren’t performing as best they can? Make sure that they’re in the right environments!

Choose the different types of dragon that you’d like to develop and continue to work on your habitats so that you are able to build up one of the best army’s around and dominate all other players.

If you’re looking for an app that you’ll send several hours a day on rather than working, and keeping yourself in your own bubble, then it’s definitely work taking a look at Dragon Mania Legends!